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AlpacaWorld Opening hours and Price Information

Opening hours

운영시간을 하철기,동절기로 구분하여 정리한 표입니다.
category Opening hours Ticket box & Alpaca Safari train close time
January to December 10:00 ~ 18:00 17:00
  • You cannot purchase or use tickets after the closing time of the AlpacaWorld ticket office or safari train.
  • Access to food and companion animals is restricted for the safety of animals. (except for blind guide dogs)
  • In case of rain, you can experience some of it in the indoor zone.
  • AlpacaWorld operates normally for 363 days, except for Lunar New Year's Day and Korea Thanks giving Day.

Price Information

요금안내를 정리한 표입니다.


(36 months ~ 64 years old)

under 36 months

over 65 years of age



Free admission


Healing Walking ₩10,000 with guardian


Alpaca Safari Train ₩3,000 with guardian


  • Animal feed is 1,000 won per cup (or stick). (Sales individually using the food vending machine)
  • If you are allergic to animals, we recommend watching them rather than experiencing them.
  • For children under 36 months, show your passport when purchasing tickets. (ticket office)
The way to AlpacaWorld
  • Where is it?
    Deokbatjae-gil, Hwacheon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do 146-155
    310 Pungcheon-ri, Hwacheon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
      Contact us at ☎1899-2250
  • Access by car
    • The way from Incheon Airport

      Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1 → Incheon International Airport Expressway (29.0 km) → Seoul Outdoor Circulation Expressway (47.0 km) → Seoul Yangyang Expressway (67.3 km) → Right-hand side to 'Chuncheon, Seo Seok' on the Changpo Bridge → 4 km along the Garajae Road → 870 meters along the Deokjae Road → AlpacaWorld Entrance

    • The way from Kimpo Airport

      Seoul External Cavity Expressway (40.0km) → Seoul Yangyang Expressway (67.3km) → Garakjae (13.1km) → 870m along Deokbatjae Road → AlpacaWorld Entrance

    • Other enquiries

      AlpacaWorld ☎1899-2250

  • Public transport
    • The way from Incheon Airport

      Incheon Airport Terminal 1 → Take a seat bus 304 (Direction to Transport Station) → Get off the agricultural center stop → Take the Intercity Bus at the Incheon Terminal → Get off the Hongcheon terminal → Take the Hongcheon Terminal Bus (Ddeokbatjae.Pungcheon) → Walk to the AlpacaWorld(918m)

    • The way from Kimpo Airport

      Airport Railroad Kimpo Airport Station → Exit 3 of Gangbyeon Station → Take Intercity Bus at the East Seoul Terminal → Get off the Hongcheon terminal → Take the Hongcheon Terminal Bus (Ddeokbatjae.Pungcheon) → Walk to the AlpacaWorld(918m)

    • Telephone enquiries

      Hongcheon County Public transportation information customer center ☎+82-80-850-9486

      AlpacaWorld ☎1899-2250

Alpaca Stay (Guided by AlpacaWorld Accommodation)

This is an Alpaca Stay camping site
where you can enjoy a complete rest in nature.

During the day, you can meet alpaca
and various animals at AlpacaWorld,
and at night, you can see the beautiful stars in
the night sky at the special camping Dome.
If you take an Alpaca Stay that five minutes from alpacaWorld,
Enjoy the AlpacaWorld more comfortably.

※Inquiries for Alpaca Stay
☎+82-10-8218-2360, 1899-2250