The Attractiveness of AlpacaWorld
Animal Friendly Performance

※Depending on the weather,
the performance time may change or be canceled.

Alpacaworld Games & Event
Healing walk with Alpaca

You can take a refreshing walk only in the AlpacaWorld
that allows you to walk with Alpaca, get closer and make precious memories!

Korea's largest
110,000 pyeong experiential
cultural space of nature
Andes in Korea! The optimal habitat
of Alpaca "Andes Ecological Ranch"
A place where you can meet
various kinds of animals!

Alpaca, fennec fox, capybara, deer, rabbit, camel, ostrich, peacock, sheep, milk sheep,
goat, mouflon, pony, budgerigar, owl, eagle, big bird, squirrel, etc.

AlpacaWorld Opening hours
and Price Information
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The ticket office (admission) deadline is 4:30pm
and the "Healing Walk" end time is 5pm.

  • You cannot purchase or use tickets after the closing time of the AlpacaWorld ticket office.
  • For children under 36 months, show your passport when purchasing tickets. (ticket office)
  • Access to food and companion animals is restricted for the safety of animals. (except for blind guide dogs)
  • If you are allergic to animals, we recommend watching them rather than experiencing them.
  • In case of rain, you can experience some of it in the indoor zone.
  • AlpacaWorld operates normally for 363 days, except for Lunar New Year's Day and Korea Thanks giving Day.

How to use paca coin

  • Coins can only be used in the experience zone of Alpaca World.
  • Feeding animals can be experienced by purchasing "Pacacoin" at the ticket office.
  • Each coin is worth 1,000 won and it can be purchased at the ticket office or “pacacoin changer” in the experience zone.
  • "Pacacoin changer” in the experience zone accepts only cash.
The way to AlpacaWorld
  • Where is it?
    Deokbatjae-gil, Hwacheon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do 146-155
    310 Pungcheon-ri, Hwacheon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
      Contact us at ☎1899-2250
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